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Hello. Welcome to our site. We're glad to help you. We develop and use the latest neuroscience and brain-friendly learning program design in all training and coaching programs to help people move forward courageously at the speed of business and life. It’s TIME to shift to measurable leadership growth.

Accelerating CHANGE for leaders at any level of an organization is about purposefully and intentionally simplifying and amplifying contexts and systems so that people can be their best.

PEOPLE transform their performance when they believe in themselves and their missions in life.
It's time to be bold, brave, and beyond measure.
Why keep learning? Because great thinking and learning changes everything.

About me

Coaching | Training | Consulting

My Purpose

My purpose is to help people fast-track their own effectiveness in global corporate careers and entrepreneurial business ventures. I like seeing people move outwards, challenge their thinking, take on new approaches, optimize what they know so they can move forwards! I work globally with corporate clients and entrepreneurs in all sectors, specializing in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and Finance.

I create powerful experiences to help leaders build and execute the future of their businesses and organizations.

My Experience

I am an international STEM business entrepreneur, former global senior corporate executive and clinical neuroscientist who is captivated by the potential of the human brain. Applying a pragmatic approach, I combine my L&D and international business acumen to ensure clients learn, innovate, grow and thrive in challenges.

Clients know me for my commitment to using effective science-based methods and approaches for growth and stretching so they can move outwards and forwards, to sustain their business and career successes around the world.


Topics and Skills I help people and organizations with

Approach & Methods

Science-based methods, actionable outcomes and empathy


As a research-based consulting and training firm, I know that leading corporations are turning to innovative and effective approaches to thelp them build strategic alignment and execution capabilities. My approach is always practical, global business-oriented, and tailored to the role, opportunities and challenges of each individual or team.

I impact meaningful change in the world one client at a time through my commitment to lasting learning, extraordinary analytics, faster growth, and advice.


When I work with a client, I focus on listening and asking key questions to understand, planning a path to respond to specific needs and objectives.
Each session is carefully designed and curated to allow you to receive dedicated focused time to strategize with and gain clarity from coaching and consulting.

People & Organizations

Different sectors, different people, different contexts

I work globally with a variety of global Science, Healthcare, Technology, Engineering, & Math/Finance professionals and organizations. I also work with individual business owners who want to transition to international careers or internationalize and scale up their organization.

Decision-Making - Client Story

Decision-Making Training Workshop & Team Coaching

A US Sales & Commercial Leadership Team for the launch of a product was having difficulty aligning their strategy with Marketing and Market Access and Medical Affairs colleagues, on a global scale.

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Improving Communication - Client Story

Persuasive Communication Training Workshop & Coaching

An international engineering services Sales & Marketing Division was tasked to grow its international sales by 19% respect to the previous year.

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What people say

“I specifically sought out someone with a true multicultural business background (US/European), who could make me listen to different opinions from my (US) team and company and think differently.  I learned to use different perspectives to work with my strengths and against my biases.  This has made all the difference to me in a globally competitive world.”

SVP, Global Contract Research Organization,

Life Sciences

Extraordinary value, in a complete and fully-customized package.  I was able to begin work on my own real-world issues, using practical approaches and simple tools provided.  This has enabled me to hit the ground running on my projects.  We are looking forward to planning our next Workshops, at a European scale.

VP Sales

Chemical Industry

To have the help and support of an independent Coach and Trainer who has ‘been there and done that’ is critical and in that respect, Isabella Fugaccia was the perfect partner for me and my team


Global Life Sciences Company

It all began during your customized Trust and Influence training workshop.  We are building and restoring Trust internally and externally for the first time in the firm.  I am confident this will contribute in a fundamental way to growing our company as we want it to be: successful and global.  A deepfelt thank you from us all.    


Automotive Sector

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