Dr. Isabella Fugaccia


Management consultant, Executive coach, entrepreneur, and a former senior executive in the pharmaceutical, life science and healthcare industries, I bring real-world international business acumen, integrated with rigorous professional coaching and training expertise to individuals and teams.

I am a life learner, specialized in Neuroleadership, the application of using the latest brain science in Leadership.
Native to Milan, Italy, raised and trained at institutions in the USA and Europe (University of Kentucky, University of Florida, Georgetown University) in Neuroscience, Pharmacy, and Communication and International Management Sciences.
My workplace has always been global, spanning 6 continents.

Currently based in Milan, Italy, I work with clients globally, remotely and in person.

As a manager, executive and entrepreneur, I had the opportunity to rise to leadership roles from a young age and remain thankful for all the great mentors who have enabled me to specialize in integrating science-based methods with real-world business acumen, working in the trenches in divisions including Global & Enterprise Project Management, Portfolio Management, Global Business Development, R&D, Governance, Sales, Learning & Development, holding senior and executive roles in Pharmaceutical and STEM companies, working closely and interfacing regularly with stakeholders from the entire organization as well as external stakeholders including suppliers and clients.
Certification in Professional Project and Program Management and Six Sigma Black Belt enables me to quickly and effectively analyze and measure what matters in L&D and business management projects. My PM experience and training also ensures I understand the overall business case and project so that approaches and results are aligned with the entire organization’s needs.

I thrive in cross-functional, international, complex settings, reflective of my integrated business/science/international background.

As a coach and trainer to global executives, teams, and groups, I use neuroscience and real-world business acumen to help my clients find clarity in business to accelerate change and growth in times of uncertainty. As an applied neuroscientist, I ensure all programs are built and delivered using the latest brain-friendly learning approaches because great learning is fundamental to any change. I also apply 20+years' experience in helping clients prepare and navigate VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environments and contexts which are becoming the norm today.

I specialize in elevating Decision-Making to take Action, Leadership, and Management and I work with STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) organizations, Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device, Life Sciences Industries and Healthcare sector professionals because I am passionate about patient health and people's well-being.

I also work with highly regulated business and industry sector and non-profit sector organizations including: Finance (Investment and Banking), FinTech, Energy (including Renewable Energy), Chemical, Food & Beverage (including companies that make some of my favorite brands!), Travel & Tourism, Luxury, Fashion, Cosmetics, Aerospace and others.

I have worked with over 100 of the Fortune 500 companies in these sectors. I have also proudly partnered with dozens of start-up small, and individually-owned firms.

This cross-sector and cross-functional business acumen and neuroscience background has been crucial in cross-pollinating methods, developing methodology, and bringing value to clients and companies to build critical partnerships to invent, sell, and move forward, at an international scale.

For over 25 years, I have invested greatly in R&D to learn and develop methods and tools to apply Neuroscience in Coaching and Learning & Development programs and in methods to enhance the conduct of business. Clients count on me to partner with them to help them understand concepts, acquire and optimize skills, maximize learning as well as grow their businesses and sustain development faster and better than they can on their own.

Change is hard, but it is SO worth it!!! This is why I continue to learn from the world’s most esteemed expert researchers and business owners, including four Nobel Prize winners, and self-train in the application of Neuroscience in: Decision-making for Action, Persuasion and Influencing, Sales and "Engagement", Project Management, Neuroeconomics and Neuromarketing to help clients, each and every day.

My Values


I seek the potential in each client and leader to learn, grow, and improve.

Using the latest in neuroscience, I construct and deliver brain-friendly learning programs to support real change at the individual and organizational level.


My measure of success is my clients’ success.

While my contributions may be largely invisible to the outside world, I find tremendous rewards in delivering on the purity of this mission.


I have the courage to have tough conversations. I bring a shared commitment to challenge thinking and doing, drive to brilliant solutions, even if that requires my clients to leave their comfort zones, and for me to leave my own..

My achievements


Founder, CEO, Biomed Research International, Inc. - a US-based, global niche clinical research organization specialized in working with startup companies alone or in partnership with Fortune 500 companies in Biotech, Pharma, and Medical Device. A Global Project Management and Business Development firm translating research to the clinic and through commercialization. Managed team of 22 experts to design and manage business performance improvement, product development, and training programs, internationally. Managed M&A and Licensing projects. Built new and improved PM tools and processes, including applying science-based methods to increase performance and productivity.

Founder, CEO, IN ENGLISH Consulting & Training – fully tailored globally-based firm offering customized English Language and English Communication learning and consulting programs for individuals and groups. IN ENGLISH was founded on the pioneering foundations, developed in 1990, of bespoke Learning Project Management and the use of neuroscientific approaches to boost learning of the English language and learning to communicate effectively in business and professional contexts. IN ENGLISH continues to consistently achieve over 99% success scores, based on rigorous learning success and measurement criteria..

Founder, Director, SeaOf® Group – thinktank specializing in research and application of neuroscience-based and other science-based approaches to boost learning, coaching, and helping people apply new skills in their daily life. SeaOf®’s aim is to help aspiring and established organizational team-leaders and professionals.


  • Certified Executive Coach, Team Coach, and Performance Coach

  • Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach (MGSCC)

  • Certified Project Management Professional

  • Certified Six Sigma
    Black Belt

  • Certified FranklinCovey Facilitator

  • Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach (MGSCC)

  • Member of the Society for Neuroscience

  • Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

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